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Comment Letters Received in Response to Notice and Request for Information on Treasury SOFR-Indexed Floating Rate Notes

Treasury received the following comment letters in response to a Notice and Request for Information (PDF format, file uploaded 05/22/20, file size 277 KB), soliciting public comments on the development and potential issuance of Treasury floating rate notes indexed to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate:

Alternative Reference Rates Committee

PDF, 129 KB


PDF, 100 KB

BNP Paribas

PDF, 291 KB

CME Group Inc

PDF, 909 KB

Fannie Mae

PDF, 364 KB

Farmer Mac

PDF, 321 KB

Federal Home Loan Bank System

PDF, 243 KB

Federated Hermes Inc.

PDF, 534 KB

Fidelity Investments

PDF, 71 KB

Haoxiang Zhu

PDF, 263 KB

Investment Company Institute

PDF, 701 KB

Kermit Kubitz

PDF, 103 KB

LCH Group

PDF, 143 KB

Morgan Stanley

PDF, 186 KB

NatWest Markets Securities Inc.

PDF, 24 KB

Pacific Investment Management Company

PDF, 344 KB

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

PDF, 198 KB

SOFR Academy LLC

PDF, 261 KB

TD Securities USA LLC

PDF, 4.3 MB)

Thomas Volet

PDF, 94 KB

Wells Fargo

PDF, 102 KB